MAS-ICNA not only places importance on our spiritual health, but on our physical health as well. We are proud to be partnering with ICNA Relief once again to be leading this effort.

They will be offering FREE Health Screenings to all adult attendees of the convention on Saturday, December 29th and Sunday, December 30th.

Timings: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM.


The array of free services offered include: blood pressure check, BMI, blood sugar test, lipid panel testing, anemia screening, hemoglobin A1C, dental screening, vision screening, dietary counseling, as well as a consultation with a physician to discuss the health screening results.

This quick and easy screening process allows all participants to get an accurate assessment of some of the key health indicators that may lead to chronic conditions later, if left untreated.

For a limited time, all visitors are also eligible to have early access to the new Health Conscious app at no cost during this promotional period. This health-monitoring app can assist you in achieving your targeted health goals.

These valuable services are being offered at no cost to all adult MAS-ICNA participants. Visit the free Health Screening booths, located outside the main bazaar entrance area, north building, Hall B1 entrance area.