The Annual MAS-ICNA Convention is the largest, most diverse, and entertaining Islamic convention in North America.

Expose your business to over 50,000 attendees. Watch your video played on the Main Session screens, your ad in the convention booklet that attendees take home, and your digital banner on the Official MAS CON App. The options are endless.

For information about advertising options, contact Hayat at:

Following a positive trend of the last decade’s worth of conventions, the 2022 Annual MAS-ICNA Convention is geared to outdo any of our previous efforts; becoming one of the Largest, Most Diverse and Entertaining Islamic Events in North America. ​

Planning for the 2022 Annual MAS-ICNA convention is underway, and we want you to join us in setting the stage for yet another record-breaking convention. Last year, we experienced a large increase in attendance and this year, we expect much more. Our nationally & internationally renowned speakers are sure to capture attention from all corners of the world.

Your advertisement will have exposure to:

  • Up to 25,000 Attendees from almost every state and continent
  • Up to 450 Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • Over 100 scholars, acclaimed speakers, and world leaders
  • Distinguished programs for all ages and interests
  • Feature activities for children and toddlers
  • A broad array of cultural diversity
  • Representation form over 250 regional and national organizations




Your advertisement exposed to over 35,000 anticipated attendees.

Half-page advertisement
Full color
Dimensions: 7.75 in. wide x 5 in. tall (flyer must be landscape)
10 Spots Available
Full-page advertisement
Full color
Dimensions: 7.75 in. wide x 10.25 in. tall
10 Spots Available


Expose your business to over 35,000 anticipated attendees.

Insert in attendee bags
Your business insert (brochure, pen, promotional giveaway, etc.)
Must be mailed to MAS Chicago Office by Friday, December 1st, 2023.
10 Spots Available


Expose your business to over 35,000 anticipated attendees.

Stand-up banners
(Limit 2 per vendor) Place your stand-up banner in high-traffic locations. MAs will place banners in locations at its sole discretion. max size 3 ft wide x 6.5 ft tall. Banners will be stamped.
50 Spots Available


Exposure on official convention information displays/ mobile app.

Three days of digital promotion
Full color
1920 x 1080 resolution on 80″ digital displays
20 Spots Available
Digital advertisement on mobile app
Full color
950 px by 380 px resolution on convention mobile app
10 Spots Available


Expose your business to attendees prior to the start of joint sessions.

Three days of video promotion – main screens
30- second video clip
Aired 5 times a day
Total three days of viewing
10 Spots Available


Must be OSHA approved

Hanging Structure
Must be OSHA Approved
4 Spots Available