We all want our kids to learn, but the fact is most kids this time of year need a break. We have just the program for them. After years of tweaking the program, we have a great mix of fun and learning to keep your kids entertained and make them not even realize how much knowledge they are walking away with. Lunch is included everyday and will be posted when they are dropped off. You must sign them in and out, they cannot leave on their own to maintain their safety. There is a break for dinner and they can then come back after the break until the program ends for the night.


Every year our young youth girls’ program has a few key components that are standard must haves. First, is a great staff of counselors who have been interviewed and trained on what we expect from our counselors. We do not overload them with too many girls, and they have the same group each day. Second, during the day they will attend lectures that are relevant to their age, it may be about haram things and peer pressure, or school issues. The topics change all the time. Sometimes they do a service project in coordination with one of our sponsors, they do a few craft projects, and have game room time.

Kids age: 9-13
Morning: Drop off : 9:45am / pickup: 4:00 pm
Night: drop off: 6:45 pm / pickup 9:00pm


We have a special room set up for the boys to use except for a short period of time when the girls are there. We have Xboxes, play stations, virtual reality systems, and who knows what other surprises we may bring. In the game room, there is a dedicated group of volunteers that runs this room to make sure there are tournaments and games that go smoothly. There are no violent games in this room and the kids don’t care because they are having so much fun. They bond with their counselors and have fun with other boys their age. They also go for lectures by some keynote speakers. The counselors of the boy’s program are always very good at keeping them engaged. Where they have lunch they will pray, listen to khutbah, and do some sports games. They really do enjoy the program. The khutbah is never boring and in English.