The time is quickly coming!
You can feel the butterflies in your stomach!
You’re getting excited!

You know that you are going to one of the biggest and best Islamic conventions in Northern America. As the last person leaves the convention center on the last night of the convention, we are already planning for next year, and how to make it even better.

We bring the best, well known, and reputable speakers from all over the world to you under one roof.

  • They come to impart knowledge to you, the Muslim living in America

  • They come to help you to navigate the racism and bigotry that some of us face through teaching and lectures.

  • They help us to understand the Quran better, and to shed light on the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

These scholars, who may have their own mosques or institutes, take time in December to teach you and your children how to be civically engaged, and to be proud to stand up for what you believe in.



Our goal is that when you walk out those doors, for the last time, you will feel at peace, refreshed, empowered, and part of an amazing network of Muslims, who feel that they have left those doors a better human being and better Muslim than they were when they walked through them 3 days before.

Our team creates a program that is unique to the issues that Muslim Americans face on a daily basis.

Where else could your family go to learn about all these topics?


  • There is a main session in Hall B (the big black drape) : usually a lecture given by a person that is going to require a lot of seating.

  • Next, we have parallel lectures and workshops going on in smaller rooms. (at the same time there may be 3 or 4 lectures to choose from)

  • There are Q&A sessions where you can ask your specific question to the speaker anonymously.

You never know what kind of amazing program our program team will come up with! One thing is for sure, you don’t want to miss it!!