Daycare Ages (0-2 Years Old) WHAT IS DAYCARE PROGRAM?


Parents of young kids and babies, while it might be tempting to drop your birth-2year old angels off at the Daycare and go find a quiet place to nap, try to fight that urge and go to some lectures. Have coffee with friends, shop, or check out a workshop in one of our parallel sessions. You will be able to do all these things without changing diapers or feeding someone else (or sharing your food).

Let our nurturing team of dedicated daycare providers entertain and take care of your baby almost as well as you would.

Most are mothers of their own, all are background checked and CPR certified. Our Daycare environment is free from the big kids and the 2yr old will not be jumping and playing near the babies. They will be listening to Islamic tunes, jumping in bouncers that are their size, having snacks and making new friends. The women who are taking their time to take care of your children in this area of the convention are calm and sweet and have gone through basic baby boot camp.

Session 1:
Drop off : 10:00am / pickup: 4:15 pm

Session 2:
Drop off: 6:45 pm / pickup 9:00pm


  • Please make sure to bring a bag with your child’s belongings and be prepared with a label already on it.

  • You will need diapers and wipes, formula, special snacks, and anything else your child may need during the day.



This will not exclude them from the program. If your child had a sensory processing disorder, or a health disability that will require more specialized care, please check out Muhsen to see if that may be a better fit for them. Registration is free for that person that needs assistance, but reservations are required

  • Daycare provide space outside the daycare area as strollers parking.

  • Daycare does also follow the same schedule as the main program with a dinner break and you can bring them back to the program after dinner.

  • Each child participating in this program will need a ticket purchased.