2022 BAZAAR Booth reservations


The Annual MAS-ICNA Convention is the largest, most diverse, and entertaining Islamic conventions in North America. The convention takes place in Chicago, Illinois every December during the winter holiday season. By the grace of God and the unique effort of over 400 volunteers, the number of attendees has successfully grown from 1,800 to over 25,000 since 2007.

Planning for the 2022 MAS-ICNA Annual Convention is underway, and we want you to join us in setting the stage for yet another record-breaking convention. Last year, we experienced a large increase in attendance and this year we anticipate more. Our nationally and internationally renowned speakers are sure to capture your attention.​

The 2022 MAS-ICNA Annual Convention will feature:

  • 25,000 anticipated attendees from almost every state and continent
  • Over 550 Exhibitor and Sponsor booths
  • Over 100 scholars, acclaimed speakers, and world leaders
  • Two days of pre-convention Knowledge Retreat, and three full-days of convention program and activities.
  • Distinguished programs for all ages and interests
  • Feature activities for children and toddlers
  • A broad array of cultural diversity
  • Representation form over 250 regional and national organizations



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