Our program has some pretty cool features built in. Awhile back we realized, obviously, not everyone liked the same thing. Better yet, not everyone’s soul needed the same thing to feel fulfilled. Some attendees came to learn things for their job, some wanted to fix their marriage, or figure out how to talk to their kids effectively. Many come to learn in-depth knowledge about religion on a specific topic. We have set up workshops and parallel sessions for that.

These more intimate, smaller sessions are designed so that they are more interactive with the speaker(s). This also gives us the opportunity to have something for everyone in different areas of the convention center. This is also where you will find topics in Arabic, English, young professionals, teacher workshops and topics for older adults. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored! You may however have to choose which lecture or workshop to attend over another one.

Get answers to questions you might have on a variety of topics from religion to current events and listen to some of the most contemporary scholars of our time. These smaller lectures are offered in a more intimate setting and are aimed at older adults.