The 2023 MAS-ICNA Convention is known around the world to have some of the best exhibitors to come sell their products at the Bazaar! Come with us to Mecca in an amazing virtual reality experience.

After you leave Mecca, you can stop and look at some jewelry, home décor, buy some matching custom shirts for your family, or check out some halal gummy vitamins.

Where else will you find Islamic clothes for all ages and most nationalities under one roof?

This year will be the biggest year yet due to unprecedented interest in reserving a booth. The bazaar is currently sold out even after adding more booths than we have ever had.

We are expecting art, sweets, spices, travel agencies, clothing, charities, healthcare information, performers, and with all this, you will still find new things you have never heard of or seen before. New projects for worn torn countries that you can donate to help.

Bazaar will be open to attendees on Thursday 12/28/2023 to Saturday 12/30/2023 from 10:00AM until 11:00PM.

Bazaar entry is free, but you must stop by and register for a badge.


Parking is not included in free bazaar entry and is charged by McCormick.


If you have small children walking with you, please write your full name and phone number along with your child name on a label, available at the registration and information desks, stick it to the back of their shirt. Although Funville is nearby, it is your responsibility to stay with, and watch your children. Lost parents can find their children at the security desk.